Infected my cloud

I have reset my cloud to factory settings and upgraded to OS5. Unfortunately the anti virus app is not compatible. It appears my cloud is infected and is attempted to send out DDOS attacks

Does anyone have any suggestions to clean the viruses out of my cloud??/

Additionally the login page redirects to a third party IP so they can capture my new admin account and password

I’ve added a 16 and 24 character passwords for admin and sshd users

What can I do to clean up my operating system and get rid of the malware and viruses?


Do you have the single bay WDMYCLOUD?

I haven’t had any problems but if I did I would use my McAfee to run a scan.

More information is needed.
What specific My Cloud Device are you using?
How are you determining the My Cloud infected?
What anti virus app is not compatible?
What “login page” are you accessing? The My Cloud Dashboard? The web portal? Some other web page/URL?
Is the My Cloud properly shielded from the Internet behind a router or network firewall or is it in the DMZ zone or otherwise fully exposed to the internet with no firewallling?
Have you enabled any sort of port forwarding in the network firewall to the My Cloud?

If your computer operating system is infect that is a different issue/problem.

The OS5 My Cloud does have a 3rd party app called Anti-Virus Essentials that one can install through the My Cloud Dashboard > Apps tab. That 3rd party app may only scan the My Cloud Shares for possible infections not the My Cloud OS itself.

My Cloud OS 5: 3rd Party Apps Matrix

The OS5 My Cloud does attempt to contact the internet for various reasons. Mostly for it’s remote access/Cloud Access feature and for other reasons like setting the devices network time/date.

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