Individual Share File size no longer displayed correctly

All of my Shares no longer update their total used file size amount. I have two shares which show as 0GB but actually one has over 50GB and the other over 6. the other shares which do show an amount no longer update.

The main total at the bottom is still updated however. But the total color bar usage is broke, it no longer shows the correct color for Music/Photo/Video anymore. Almost all files which were previously showing properly as Music/Photo/Video, now switched to showing as Other. There is only a very small amount which is still shown as Video. All this started on the first day of use…

Any ideas?

Have you tried a reboot or a diagnostic test from the dashboard.

Yeah. The quick Diagnostic (which is just a SMART test iirc) passes and rebooting did not help.

However, I think I fixed the problem. I gave my admin account access to all private shares, and a few other private shares I created to have more than one user accessing it. after removing the admin user share permissions, the two user shares which were now down to one user accessing the share were updating right. but two other shares which I had set as two users accessing a share (not an admin) stil had the problem. after removing one of the user permissions so those shares also had 1 user per share, then they started updating again.

This seems to be a really stupid bug, only allowing 1 user per share or else the share totals and file types (Music/Photos/Video) refuse to update…

Do WD employees read the forums? So will they see this topic for them investigate this bug? or does it need to be reported some other way?


That looks like some good troubleshooting.    Now, can you reproduce the issue?

If so, please provide the EXACT STEPS to reproduce.   If that’s possible, I’ll try it on mine and see if it’s reproducible across users.

Yeah I can reproduce it.

I have two users (+ the admin makes 3) and a private share for each user. I added two more shares, and gave both users access).  The first two user specific Private shares update fine when adding files. But the other two do not and stay stuck at 0GB even after adding many GB of files.

After that I decided to give the the admin access to the user specific private shares, then all shares stopped updating their sizes.

Now, to get it fixed, you just need to remove all user access except for 1 user from each share and save each time.

After this sometimes migrating away from the shares page then back again is enough to fix them. If not click on a share that has an incorrect size then migrate away from the shares page then load it back again. If that doesn’t do it, I found that sometimes doing a “Create and save system report” can fix them, and after all shares display the corect size, logout then back in to fix/update the file type size bar at the bottom. But If I ever add a second user to have access to a share tt stops updating the size total again after adding files. and I have to do this all over again.

Trying now…

Hah!   It’s actually worse than that…

I just ran the test, and the numbers seem to be RIGHT, but they’re in the WRONG PLACE!

I created two users:

Test1 and Test2

and gave them each a private share, also called Test1 and Test2, respectively. 

Then I created two additional SHARES:

TestShare1 and TestShare2 and gave BOTH Users access to it.

I then copied a 10 Gig file to TESTSHARE1.

NO UPDATE to SIZES.  All shares (except the PUBLIC share) say “0GB.”   The bar at the bottom IS correct, though, reflecting an additional 10G of storage added.

So, I pulled Test1 user privilege from TestShare2, and Test2 user from TestShare 1.


Now it says that TestShare1 is EMPTY, but share “TEST1,” which actually IS empty, says there’s 10G of files in it!

That’s all screwed up.

I’ll send of a tech support request to WD; I would recommend you do the same.

I didn’t notice it before, but I’m finding similar problems.

My private shares that have only one user seem to be showing the right size.

However, I’m finding that my private shares that have more than one user are showing a size of 0, which is not correct.

I believe the color bar at the bottom is the right length, but like dead_screem says - the colors are wrong.

Mine also shows almost all “Other”, when at least half of them are .mpg videos, and a quarter of them are .jpg photos.

The MyBookLive firmware version I have is 01.02.03

I am thinking the color bar is only based on how you mark the shares, but I haven’t tested theory…

I reported this to WD Support and got the following response:

I have gone ahead and followed the link you provided and I understand your concerns, I will be escalating this issue to our engineering dept. for review and duplication, if engineering is able to dupicate this issue any fix would likely come in the form of a firmware update. Engineering does not provide a schedule for firmware releases so I am unable to provide you with an estimate as to if or when a fix will be put into place. We appreciate your patience and understanding while we investigate this issue. From reading through the forum posts it would appear that several users have found work arounds for this issue. I would recommend trying one of these workarounds to see if this corrects the issue you are having in the meantime.

 I guess the workaround is to only have one user per share…  :smiley:

I haven’t gotten a response yet.  :)