Indicator light malfunction

There is a 2 inch vertical indicator light on my back-up WD external harddrive. 1.5 tb Purchased in 2011. I know it’s out of warrantee. The indicator light all of a sudden is on steady all the time. The light use to run vertically up and down when in use. Any idea what has happened or how to fix this situation. I am using Win 10 Professional.

Knowing the model number would help in troubleshooting the LED issue. Don’t provide the serial number, just the full model number if possible.

Dear Timothy,

The model number is “WD P/N WD15000H1CS”. By the way even though the LED
indicator is always light on and never changes, I believe the drive is
still working correctly. Is this possible?

Thanking you in advance.
David H.

I found a KBA that provides the information for the LED status of your My Book Home drive.

The up and down action is for when the drive is in use. It could be that Windows 10 does not provide the proper interface to allow the drive LED to function properly. It could also happen if the drive is plugged into a USB 3.0 port. If the drive is operating normally, I wouldn’t be concerned. But I always suggest having a backup copy of your data.

ok, but this drive is used for my back-up data. I am using fire wire, not

Thanks for trying.
David H.