Indexing problem solution


I would like to buy a MyCloud Mirror 6TB device as a RAID 1 backup solution.

However I have read that there are some nasty problems with the indexing service that make the device work as slow as a brick. As I have to backup many pictures, it would be quite a problem for me.

I have seen that the last firmware versions try to solve the problem, but I have read anywhere that the problem is fixed for real. Is the option to access the NAS through SSH still valid or latest firmware have made the manual disabling of the incriminated services impossible?

Answers to these questions will make me decide if it is good idea to buy it or not.

Thanks in advance

Welcome to the Community.

You can still use SSH to modify/change your NAS device behavior. This is not supported by WD though.


thanks for the answer.

I know WD does not support manual “hacking” of the device (which I find quite absurd being a NAS, NETWORK Attached Storage, stress on Network.

However I have read that someone with latest firmware could not find the commands to disable the incriminated services.

I would like to know if it was just a local problem or if WD actually has removed the option to make the device work as he user expect it to do.

And what about latest firmwares? No trace of WD itself working to solve the problem?

Thanks again