Index in Win 7 Home Premium for important data in My Cloud?


Have been working this whole weekend to organize my data.

My Cloud is now the premier hard disk

but… how do I get it with in the index in my laptop which has Win 7 Home Premium?

I do see in index window all laptop disks, including My Book,

but although My Cloud is linked to Windows Explorer and

looks like My Cloud is one of this laptop’s disks

however in index window My Cloud is not to be seen!

Please someone, how to solve this problem?

Thank You so much for all help and suggestions! :slight_smile:

You can use Windows explorer to search a mapped network drive, but it is not included in the Windows search index (faster search) unless the files are available offline. I don’t think that offline files are a feature of Home Premium though. A cursory search through Google indicates there could be workarounds.