Incremental storage of SD Card

I bought My Passport Wireless mainly to back up my SD Card from the camera when traveling. I use the default method which is simply inserting the SD Card into the slot and press the WPS. That works well. The trouble is when I had more pictures taken on the same card and then repeat the same process it records the new pictures as well as those recorded already once more, calling those “backup of…”

I understand the device supports incremental backup, which would mean just the additional pictures without recording another copy of those already on the drive. This is what I wish to accomplish.

I would appreciate instructions of how to achieve this.


When you are using the SD card, the only options are copy and move, the option for incremental backup is when you are using the backup software on the PC.

Thank for your reply.

This is disappointing as the purpose of buying this drive is to back up the pictures in the field without computer or even the tablet. Incremental back up in the field is essential. Once home there is no need to use My Passport Wireless, or to have incremental back up for that matter.

Elsewhere in this forum people had posted that the posters had done it, and that it only copied the new pics. Is it possible to private mail or email the poster as to learn how to do that?