Incremental Forever - Expiration

I have followed the guide for setting up Incremental forever, as stated here.

Backups and Recovery work just fine.

The problem is, I set Level 2 schedule - Incremental Backup, Expires after 7 Day(s).

It is not removing the older backups.

Example: A job which started its Level 1 schedule - archive on Oct. 27.

And it’s Level 2 - Incremental with the 7 day expiration, has over 6 weeks worth of daily backups.

Arkeia Software ver. 10.2.12.

System uses Disk Storage only.

I purge the DB index, and run the Block Optimization process several times a week for system maintenance.

Is there another setting somewhere that should be enforcing the Recycling date / expiration of incremental backups?

Any advice would be appreciated.



“The problem is, I set Level 2 schedule - Incremental Backup, Expires after 7 Day(s).”

This means the Incremental Forever is working as designed.

IE: Incremental backups do not expire.


In the UI, go to Montor > Disk Storage > Disk Storage Backups

From here you can select backup jobs and delete them from the Arkeia Index.

NOTE: This does not remove the block from the pool.

Im Confused as Well by this…

The Introduction States …

WD Arkeia can be configured with “Forever Incremental Backups” instead of performing Full Backups on a weekly or monthly basis.
However, the Incremental Backup Level must have an expiration date to ensure storage capacity stability.


This would seem to imply the backups that are set to expire in XX time would be deleted in order to “ensure storage capacity stability”.  Acording to your comments though this appears to be not true.

Do you have a suggestion as to how to setup a disk backup that only backups new files from a path since the last backup and that expire and are automatically deleted from the backup server at an interval of lets say 2 weeks.?  I do not need a FULL backup of the path as there are a lot of files in the path I dont need.  I apologise if my understanding of the backup system is inept.