Incremental dlna database update of mp3 Artist tags not working


Just wanted to make sure this one does not get lost in the many posts in the new firmware thread. When adding new music files to the MBLD it seems like the incremental scan of the mp3 tag “Artist” does not finish correctly. 

If an album of songs are added, MBLD get maybe two Artist tags correct and the other are shown as “unknown”. I did not see this issue before upgrading to the newest firmware. 

The workaround is to do a complete rebuild of the dlna database, then it will show the right artist name instead of “unknown”. Of course it’s a pain to have to do a full rebuild after one adds some new music …



I havent notice that but I’ll check that later on.

In the mean time, Have you tried doing a factory restore?

A factory restore!! Why would I do that?

This was working fine before the firmware upgrade and is now clearly not working. It was also reported by another user in the “New firmware” thread. 

Add an album of mp3 and some of the files will have Artist tags as “unknown”. A rebuild of the dlna database will take care of the issue … but can’t do that every time I add music.