Incremental backups details-

The manual seems ot provide very little information about the incremental backups. THey appear to be working and certainly take less time than a complete but what is happening behind the curtain? 

The full backup if 113gb took about 18-24 hours, and it seems ot be able to to do an internal incremental in about 5 minutes. I understand that will vary based upon the amount of modified data but is there some more concrete data i can get on this so i know what is really happening? 



Hi there, as i see it the incremental backup checks the backed up files every certain amount of time to see if any file was modified or added, then the software will proceed to backup the modified and added files.This is why the procedure is faster after the first backup is made.


So each incremental backup is a complete copy of the original data/folder but has any updated or newer files than the previous incremental included. 

If that is the case then incremental internal can backup a full 113gb in 5 minutes depending on the # of new or modified files. 

But the complete internal backup I ran took 18 or more hours? 


The best way to check is to go into the folders and verify that what you expect to see if in fact there.  The alternative time to find out that all is not as expected is when you have lost the device…

In practice, I find it much quicker to mount the USB drive native to your desktop and browse, compare folders from there.

I have been manually comparing until I am comfortable with it. 

Tried connecting a usb drive to the ex4 and it blew it’s mind. so it will be a while before i try again. 

So for now i have to backup to the usb via my desktop. 18-24 hours. 

Will probably use something like ‘beyond compare’ to just update the “newer” files on the base externa dataset to save time.