Incredible Level 2 Support

Yesterday I had what can best be describe as a trying experience with a WD initial tech who I believe was giving it his best, but just couldn’t get around all the bases. 

I posted a comment about said experience.  I am extremely happy to comment on what happened after my posting.

Today I got a call from [Removed - Trancer] who works Level 2 support in WD.  This man is a SUPERSTAR!!!   I won’t begin to profess that I understand all the technical things he was explaining to me.   However, he was able to explain at least  80% - 90% of the info where I either fully understood the fixes he was doing, and why, or he gave me enough basic knowledge where I can now expand on that knowledge through additional reading.

The NAS experience is completely new to me when it comes to setting up my own.  I spent days and many hours researching NASes.  Based on the plethera of positive customers and tech mags/online reviews felt comfortable going with this WD product over other ones.  Everything I’m doing is self taught, and for the most part I have been having fun learning as I go through the process.  However, some things are either totally beyond my technical capabilities/understanding, and sorry WD, the tech manual instructions pertaining to Twonky is not too robust with details.  I get the sense Twonky is to DLNA as CPU is to motherboard.

In summary, the overall customer support I have gotten from WD with My Mirror has been very positive to date.  And once again I publically have to say that [Removed - Trancer] from Level 2 is the person who I extend high praise to for his determination to make sure that my issues were resolved when the first tier team had exhausted their knowledge base.

Many companies customer services are quick to hear from people who were not satisfied with an encounter had with a given company.  Today, I hope I am one of many who also are quick to let a company know when their customer service experience is positive. 

great for you, maybe I shoudl give them a call myself!