Increasing lost connections since firmware upgrade

My MBL has been live for a number of weeks, and working fine until upgrading the firmware. Since upgrading yesterday connections have slowly been lost; first through Windows (both XP & W7), then the GUI and now through Twonky. Just before losing the Twonky connection I noticed that the Video, Photos and Music shares had also disappeared.

Has anyone else experienced this? I am on the verge of posting it back. 

I forgot to add that I have also plugged this directly into a laptop (W7) and still cannot see the drive. All lights seem to be functioning correctly though).

when it’s plugged into your router, are both the MBL and your router set to dhcp?  can you see the device in your router’s table of connected devices?

It is plugged into the router, but unfortunately I cannot find login details for the router.

If you have a solid/blinking green LED, I have a feeling a new DCHP IP was given to the MBL.See if there is anyway to get the IP since you cannot get into your router. The WD Quick View should help.

Connecting directly to your laptop/PC is not a valid setup.

look online, most routers have a way to reset the router, allowing you to get to the admin panel.  It would wipe all your custom rules and whatever, but if you were the kind of person doing all sorts of tweaks in your router, then you would probably have the password.

what I’m getting at it, I find it helpful for DNS reasons to reserve an IP for the MBL, so it always gets the same one. 

I have similar problems with a new 3TB MBL.  I have been trying for 3 days to copy a large file to it.  My other and older MBL is a 1TB, and the 1TB has no problems except very rarely.  I want the large files on the larger 3TB drive, but it drops the connection during the copy.  I can get the connection back without rebooting, but the copy won’t resume even though I have done the “retry” many times.

Version:MyBookLive 02.41.05-034 : Core F/W

Using DHCP, but the IP address hasn’t changed since the drive was first installed.

Router is D-Link DIR-632

Router has been restarted. Computer using the MBL for these copies has been restarted.  Running Win 7 Ultimate 64.

Both MBL’s are on the same router; computer is cable attached.

I have not lost connections since the firmware upgrade, but have experienced poor performace on XP Pro machines trying to access information.  Also, the XP Pro machines use all their resources when this problem develops so I experience many hesitations each day.