Increasing capacity of My Book Premium II 1 tb


Hello everybody! Has smbd ever tried to increase the capacity of My Book Premium II? I currently My Book Premium II with 1 tb capacity (having 2 X 500 gb drives inside) and would like to buy 2 X 1.5 tb WD green drives to increase the capacity to 3 gbs. I asked WD support on this but they said ‘The My Book Logic board will only recognize the same capacity drives, if you connect different drives the unit will not work properly.’ On the other hand, I read at a Russian IT forum where a guy changed capacity of his My Book Pro II (which is the same as Premium II according to datasheets at WD web site) from 1 tb to 2 tbs. Any practical experience?


any ideas?


It’s doubtful that it will work.  The drives are built for specific drives with specific firmware.  I would consider just buying another external drive for the expense of two internal drives that you’re thinking about trying.