Increase transfer speed?

Hey WDC!

How do I optimize the transfer speed on my WD TV Live Hub?

Currently I’m using ethernet and transfering 1,5 Mbyte/sec from my WD MyBook World Edition to my WD TV Live Hub - both to my router via ethernet. I get the same speed when transfering from my laptop via wireless to my WD TV Live Hub.

Will Cat6 cables increase the transfer rate? Has it anything to do with my ISP and my internet speed / connection?

What can I do to increase the transfer speed?

Hey Sparcx.

What is the brand and model number of your router?

Well that is kind of complicated. My ISP provider gave me a Cisco EPC3925, but the router has been configurated so that it cannot be accessed like normal router via e.g. I can only configurate a few settings on my router via my ISP provider’s homepage.

I think this router is special for danish ISP provider’s as I cannot find any information about it on the web.

Does your router look like the one mentioned in this manual?

I think this is the one:

I’ve tried using cable instead of wireless and now I’m running at 8,50 Mbyte/sec, so that’s an improvement. But my router is supports 802.11n so I don’t get why it is slow when using wireless.

802.11n is just a standard, it supports higher throughput, but it doesn’t mean that you’ll get it.