Increase storage on please!


On my PR2100 I did the following:
Login to Adim console
Select Storage, then RAID, then Change RAID mode. Accept the warning if you get one after reading it!
Highlight RAID1, then select the Expand Capacity option and click Next.
Form here I was prompted to swap the first drive, this was then formatted and rebuilt from the second drive. At 50% compete it prompted for the second drive to be swapped, and eventually it will complete.
This way at least you have the old drives as a backup. Be warned it can take hours to complete.

Good luck.

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thanks! One thing i have totally neglected to catch is that this entire thread has been under OS3… and i goober that i am am on OS5 so i totally misposted technically. My bad!

but while im here does anyone know of thaterenis anything different in OS5 regarding this process v

Not really. The process is fundamentally similar.

I did mine in OS5 exactly as I described above.

It worked perfectly but took a long time. It is a good idea to stop all apps running (if you have any) while it doing the process and start them after.

Good luck

great thanks!