Incorrect Title Display

Hey, all. I have a problem I was hoping somebody might know the answer to. I’ve ripped my copy of Aeon Flux (the series) by episode with DVD Fab into mp4 files, but even after I rename a file it still shows for example in my media library as “AEON_FLUX_D1.Title1.DVDRip”. I removed them from the library and rescanned a couple times just to make sure, but no luck. I also tried to Get Content Info for each episode, since I know that would the display the correct title, but no luck there either. Any suggestions?

Another person on the Forum has the Same problem…

And he is also using “DVDFab”

Not 100% Sure… but i think DVDFab is ‘tagging’ the Rips with a  VOLUME_NAME:

And the SMP is Reading this as the Filename Title.

The only way to prove it is to use another Dvd Ripper Program and see if the Problem Remains.

Because you are ‘ripping’ to MP4

 “mp3 tag editor” will edit mp4 video file tags .  (i have tested it and it works!)

Joey:  You’re exactly right.  It will try to pull metadata out of files that have ID3 tags.

But I’m surprised a MANUAL “Rescan Content Info” isn’t working…

Well, after a bunch of trial and error, I’m certain this is a DVDFab problem. I did try changing the tags with the mp3 editor you suggested (thanks for that, by the way, cool program), and while it did let me edit the tags it still didn’t change what was displayed by the WD. I even went as far as resetting the device and re adding all my content. It’s strange. Previously the WD wasn’t even recognizing the JPGs I’d named after the video files, but after fixing the tags it did pick those up and display them, but the titles remained the same. I did find an option in DVDFab to change the tags and file name when ripping. I did this for all subsequent discs in the Aeon Flux set, and this worked perfectly. Thinking this would solve my problem, I re-ripped the first disc, changing the tags in DVDFab and the WD still somehow displays the previous titles (ie: AEON_FLUX_D1.Title1.DVDRip). I’m resigned here. I’m going to rip these episodes with another program. The only problem being that with the other program (DVD Shrink) for some reason I never seem to be able to fast forward in the vidoes I rip…

Oh, well. In this case I may have to make due.

Thank you both for your help on this! I really appreciate it!

If you change the internal tags, you will want to delete the associated XML file (if there is one) and CLEAR the media library.

RESETTING the box to factory defaults doesn’t clear the media library, since it’s not part of the configuration.  The database remains on the DISK, and will be re-used.

Good to know, Tony. Thanks for the advice. I’ll give that a shot. I did remove the shared folders from the media library and re-added them, and I thought removing them that way accomplished the same thing as clearing the media library. Just to be safe I reset to factory default, as mentioned above, but can see now how that wouldn’t affect what the WD has already written on my hard drive. There weren’t any XML files associated with the content. For some reason I can never get it to work right for TV shows, just movies. But that’s a whole other issue. I’ll try clearing the library. Thanks, again.

I cleared the media library then added everything back in and the WD did recognize the new titles. Thanks again, both of you, for your help on this!