Incorrect Time

TV Live streaming fine.

Time Zone set and affects time correctly.

Daylight savings time set OK.

Access to internet working.

Time is about 12 minutes fast.

Probably missing something obvious as I am a relative media server newbie.

Thx in advance…

There are no other settings available for the time, you may try a reset by holding the reset button for 4 seconds.  

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Sounds like NTP traffic is getting blocked somewhere.

Do you have any other devices on your net using NTP for clock sync?  If so, are they all working correctly?

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Sorry for the delayed response…

Even though I had just set up the unit and it was 12 minutes fast, all it took was to set it back to factory defaults using the onscreen display then re-entering all of the information again. Never thought of that since this was first setup… Dohhh

Thank you very much for the response and your time…