Incorrect time stamp on saved files - WD My Cloud desktop app for Mac

I access files remotely on my iMac using the WD My Cloud desktop application.

When I open, edit, save, and close a file using the WD My Cloud desktop application, the time stamp is off by exactly 3 hours.

I am in the US Eastern timezone, and the timestamps are reflecting Pacific Time Zone (3 hours difference). For example, if I open an InDesign file at 5:05, make an edit, and save it at 5:06, it will now show up on the NAS as being saved at 2:06.

On top of that, I frequently get the error that I am overwriting a newer file (but not always).

I checked the clocks on the My Cloud dashboard, the Mac it is mapped to, as well as the remote computer running the My Cloud app. They are all showing the same times.

Another user with access to shares has the exact same issue.

We’ve never had this issue when using the mapped drive directly.

Anything I am overlooking on the settings?

Welcome to the Community.

It is possible for this to be a reflection of WD’s security servers, which are likely configured for US Pacific Time considering the location of WD’s headquarters.

Thank you for the reply, that may be the issue.

So I am assuming that is not something that can be addressed? Makes for a fair amount of difficulity and confusion when trying to manage file updates.

Maybe you should try contacting WD’s Technical Support about this. You can do so either by phone or email.

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