Incorrect time on ISO?

I searched through the thread for a few minutes but did not find anything about incorrect times being shown after you start an ISO.  I have an ISO of a Blu-Ray movie and it reports 24:34.  Once it reaches the end of 24 minutes 34 seconds… it just goes to the menu.  I know the movie is good, i’ve watched it before.  Does anyone know what is causing this and is there a fix?

If your curious the file is 36.63 GB.  Not sure if there is a limit on the player.  I have tried with playing via USB and over the network.  Thanks.

I don’t know about blurays, but it’s fairly common for some DVDs with structural protections or branching (multiangles or ILVU) to have discontinuities in the timestamps. That might cause jumps in the time displayed on the player at best, but some players will behave erratically around these discontinuities (skipping frames, audio interruptions).

You might have more luck extracting the M2TS file out of the ISO file and perhaps remuxing it as MKV or something.