Incorrect time and date when receiving notification alerts

As per subject line.  Whenever I receive an alert to say the WD MBL has restarted the date and time bear no relevance to the actual time the event took place.

I am in the UK and the MBL local login screen displays the correct info i.e. London Greenwich Mean Time, the date and time are fully synchronised and working OK.  Given that is the case why are the alerts incorrect.  We had a short power cut this morning Sunday 23rd December at approximately 10.30 am GMT, yet the alert I received by email states the following -

Event description:The system has restarted.


Event code:2001

Event time:12-21-2012 04:02:57 PM

Firmware version:02.32.05-144

As you will see, the event is some two days out plus the time is incorrect?  

Any chance that the system sent this fault email when power was restored but synchronizing with PTB time server was not yet available, e.g . your internet connection took longer longer to recover?



UK here to and the time on my notifications are always  inorrect, despite the

MBL showing the correct time and being synchronised with as the primary ntp server

and as the secondary !

Looking at the received email headers I note that the event time (Due to a system restart) was in fact the time that I shut the MBL down the night before !

This is the relvent parts of the email headers

Event title:System restart

Event time:12-23-2012 11:05:06 PM


Date: Mon, 24 Dec 2012 00:17:50 -0800 (PST)

Delivery-Date: Mon, 24 Dec 2012 09:17:54 +0100

It would appear that the MBL reports events to a wdc mail server which then  forwards to you.

My guess is that the  MBL software is looking in the wrong place for the latest events time stamp

Another software bug for WDC to fix

I have looked back at this issue via email alerts and not one timed event has ever been remotley accurate.  It is somewhat concerning that a company the size of WD cannot even get the time right.

Had my MBL shutdown for 5 days whilst away and on re-booting tonight (31 Dec 2012 @18:44hrs) the

restart alert message was stamped 5 days previous, at the time I shut the MBL down.

Following events are generated on your MyBookLive

 Event title:System restart

Event description:The system has restarted.

Severity:info Event code:2001

Event time:12-26-2012 11:07:02

So its definitely an issue for WD to fix.

I’ll email WD later, just to make sure the problem gets flagged.


I’m a new user to the MBL … I have a pair of 3TB devices… very impressed with the devices so far!

But, just wanted to confirm that I also receive incorrect date and timestamps on the dashboard notifications ON both devices.

I had a network down about 2 hours ago (its 25/1/2013 14:39 here in ZA) and have received notifications on both device dashboards dated 26/1/2013 02:39. However, email events appear to have the correct date and time.

I’m on V 02.32.05-46 of the firmware.

Edit: to add Image of dash and eventlog below.