Incorrect password My Book

So, for the past few months I’ve been off and on continuing trying to get access to my hardrive, but the password I set it to is not working, nor are any of the other passwords I’ve guessed. Is there some sort of way to reset my password? Or is there a default password that it may have been reset to? because the hint says " always tell this …" and The passsword isnt the truth OR password.

This is really irritating me. 

Is there a way to reset the password or remove it without restoring the hardrive and losing all the information on it?

if there isnt I feel like I should just take a hammer to this useless piece of…

Lack of responces made me decide to browse more, some posts speak of a reset button, mine appears to show a hole on the back where a reset button would be but theres nothing to press.

So I tore off the outer shell and inspected it closely, theres a stupid screw behind where this supposed reset button is. 

There is nothing on this hardrive that appears even close to a reset button either. 

So i guess I have no hopes of getting my information off of this[Deleted] hardrive.

I’ll make sure to never buy anything from this company or companies associated with this unhelpful company.

Thanks, for letting me lose all my information because you[Deleted] product cant remember [Deleted] password and locks people out. 



You lost your data because you only had one copy. Who’s fault is that? One copy on any device is not a backup.