Incorrect information on Configure Access Page

Re: Version 04.04.03-113 This page says “Download the mobile apps from the WD Learning Center. (” but this web page does not exist. I’m still trying to make heads or tails about how to set this thing up. It doesn’t help to have wrong information. Please correct this.


Where are you finding the; “Download the mobile apps from the WD Learning Center. (”? The Dashboard? Somewhere on the website?

The correct link to the mobile apps on the Learning site is the following:

If you haven’t done so already see the My Cloud User Manual ( that explains how to setup the My Cloud and use the various features.

Various downloads for the My Cloud can be found on the WD Support Downloads webpage:

Sorry for the incomplete information. I am accessing the MyCloud dashboard then going to the CloudAccess page. Under “Configure Access” there is an “About Cloud Access” section that contains the blurb I quoted. I got there from the instructions on page 53 of the My Cloud User Manual that I downloaded from the WD site.

Thanks for the link.

Thanks for all the links. I did find that the link for the user manual is for an outdated firmware version. It is for version 2 and the current one is 4. I don’t remember how I got to the manual for version 4 firmware, but somehow I did download it. Again thanks for the helpful and prompt reply.

The v2.x firmware is not outdated. It is the firmware used on the newer gen 2 single bay my clouds. The older gen 1 my clouds use v4.x firmware.

The two my cloud versions use different hardware.