incorrect email address or password


I just bought the PR4100, and I set up the computer so that it can be accessed from the cloud, but every time I try to enter from a computer outside of my network, or connect a computer through WDSYNC, I get the incorrect email address error or password. I do not know what else to do and it is an expensive equipment to leave it lying.

I need your help.

There is a specific subforum for the PR series where users of that device may be able to assist. This subforum is generally for a different device, the single bay My Cloud line.

Not sure if the PR series is like the single bay My Cloud with respect to setting up an account for remote access. On the single bay My Cloud one has to enable Cloud Access for the User through the My Cloud Dashboard. Once granted Cloud Access the User should receive an email instructing the user to access the account creation page on where the user would create a second set of login information. It is this second set of login information that one uses to access their My Cloud (single bay at least) from a remote location or from the web portal.

Also make sure to select the correct link on the web portal. the My Cloud Home is a different device than the My Cloud/PR line.

If you haven’t done so already you may want to review the PR4100 User Manual which should explain how to configure and access the My Cloud remotely. Specifically see Chapter 7 - Accessing Your Cloud Remotely in the User manual for more information.