Incorrect DNS server Address

Hi Everyone,

I just got my WD TV Live and connected it to the network, with a static IP address, etc etc…worked beautifully!  I then selected update firmware, and the device went off and found the latest firmware, downloaded it, installed it, and restarted all by itself.  Great!

The next day, the WD TV Live could not connect to the network.  I found that the IP addresses I have manually entered were gone - all of them!  So, I entered them all in again.  Selected check network settings…

IP Address - OK,

DNS Server Address - Incorrect DNS server address error message.

Default Gateway - never got to this point as the checking stopped at the DNS Server address issue.

Now, I have double-checked the DNS server IPaddress, and it is correct - 100%.

Is it a coincidence that the WD TV Live stopped working since the firmware was upgraded??? 

How can I go back to the firmware that the device shipped with - because it worked then !!!