Incorrect DLNA Database

I have an EX4 that I bought a couple months ago. I currently have 2 shares, one private and one public. The private share has everything turned off except ftp. Currently, my DLNA database says there are videos, music, and photos available, but all this media is inside my private share. Does DLNA respect share access? I can browse these videos on my TV with no password prompting either to access the private share. Even more weird, is that only SOME of the media in my private share are showing up in the database. Anyone have a theory whats going on here? Oh, and the media types are all mixed, so some directories in my private share that have mp3 are showing up, while other mp3 types in different directories, but the same private share are not.

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I have an EX4…

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billium813 wrote:

Does DLNA respect share access?

Depends on what you mean.   Doe sit respect the PERMISSIONS on share access?  No.   DLNA has no such capability for authentication / authorization or password protection.   All it’s going to do is access the shares for which DLNA is enabled.

But if you’re saying you’ve turned Media Serving OFF for your private share, and it’s still showing the contents of that share via DLNA, then my guess is that Twonky’s configuration is out of sync with the NAS’s configuration.

You can try going to the Twonky manager page  ( http://your.ex4.ip:9000)) and go to SETTINGS / SHARING and see what’s listed there.   Only shares for which media serving is enable should be listed there.

That’s it, thx so much for the help. The Twonky sharing config has one of the folders from my private share listed. When I turned off media serving for the private share (from WD config), I assumed DLNA would respect that and forgot about twonky’s config.