Inconsistent LED

I started to see this phenomena maybe a couple of week ago, so it may coincides with the firmware 2.1.6 but I can not confirm it. It also happens with 2…2.2.20.

Anyway, here is what happens.  The front panel status LED turns itself off from time to time.

I mean it literally will go to off.   If I access the box with SSH and do 

more /usr/local/nas/led_color

It says 


LED is not burned out.  It comes back (and I don’t know what mechanism brings it back)  to green, blinking green and steady blue.  I dont think its a hardware problem this time  (I RMAd my first unit.  this is a replacement box)

So what is going on? 

A WD representative said on another thread that they are investigatin this, so I’d say it’s a firmware bug.

You should never see that state (unless you are in shutdown mode).

Have you modified your box at all?

If you see that state where it shows OFF, can you pm me info (will need to get your logs).

I have this same problem. have not confirmed with SSH, but no lights since last firmware

I do manually  install mysql database after each time I upgrade the firmware.  There was not a problem in prior firmware.  Is there any reason there may be now?

Anyway, what kind of log would you need?  LED  off  situations (and LED on situations) happening all the time. I learned to ignore it as the unit seem to be working fine.  Oh BTW, I don’t think I am seeing steady green for some time now.  I see blinking green and steady blue though.

well after no LED problems since I bought it in January, it’s weird now.  I get a dim blue in stand by.  but when it wakes for activity, no LED at all.  The green is gone.  then just now when the laptop turned on I was getting a blinking red, but dashboard and quick diagnostic both showed as fine.  Rebooted MBL and no LED light.

OK, the plot thickens :dizzy_face:

I had a power breakdown today so naturally, after the power came back, the unit went through rebooting and I was able to oberve changes in status LED color.

It turned to Red first.

After that LED was off and the box was accessible from my PC.

I stll see blinking green occasionally but I don’t know excatly when it will blink.

Also, after some inactivity, the Status LED shows solid blue.

Boot up sequence should show yellow, but instead it shows red.  I thought " maybe yellow is a result of red and green turned on the same time, so do I have a unit with green LED burned out?"

but then I can see “blinkging green” so the green LED must be fine.

I think I am seeing blank where it should be “green” though.

The unit itself is functioning fine (other than misbehaving status LED)


As of this morning, status LED is working as expected (Blue, green, blinking green)

I have not done anything with my MBL lately, so I dont know how the unit “healed” itself.

Currently I am too afraid to reboot the unit.  I will report back in a few days.