Inconsistent Drive Info when using Finder

Have 2 drives mapped to Mac Yosemite desktop, call them EX1 and EX2.
#1 Issue -
On Yosemite, when I double click their desktop icon, the drive opens, but sometimes some of the folders show show zero bytes, while others show sizes fine, other times, they all show correct sizes. On Windows 7, when I click on their icon, either all the folders come up showing their sizes, or no sizes show up for any folder.
#2, and the bigger Issue -
On Yosemite, whenever I try and right click to get info on the folder, I get the size, i.e. 264 GB on disk, but NEVER get the number of files, it’s always ‘0’, on every folder on both drives.
In Windows 7, no problem…I simply right click on the Folder and request Properties, and it’s either immediately available, or in the case of a large folder, calculates the number of files and folders.
APPLE engineering says they think it’s something to do with file permissions and a WDC issue.
Anyone have any ideas?

Hi there,

Are both units the same model? Try to reset the unit to see if the same thing happens, also would like to know if you are getting the information from the share itself or from a folder within the share. Here s a link to that might help you with the reset process:

Thanks for the response.
I have experienced this issue on both an EX4 and a DL2100, with both these same drives (EX1 & EX2) in each of these units.
What do you mean by both units? Are you referencing the EX4 and DL2100, or something else?
If I go to reset, what exactly happens by invoking this function?
I don’t want to go through an entire re-build right now.