Inconsistency with

I’m assuming not much can be done about this but, it’s a small annoyance that I wanted to point out.

When using the GETINFO on movies, the hub goes to  The problem with that is that is a very inconsistent site.

Here is a great example.

I have all six Star Wars movies in the same folder.  Doing a GETINFO on each, the result is:

  1. Episode III is first in the list  (because it’s missing the “:” colon after “Star Wars”.

  2. Episode VI has an icon that doesn’t match the series.

So am I nit-picking YES, I know but still.  I already have several other examples of similar situations. 

I suppose both can be corrected from a PC by editing the movies XML and replacing the Icon.

Overall, I LOVE that you have the open of GETINFO on the Live Hub.   Wish they would’ve used IMDB or something instead though.

Well you could fix it by editing the movie titles in their xml files to your own liking, but I agree that it’s a bit annoying not having serie movies sorted in the right order!

You could also go to and fix the names.  You have to have a login, but once you login, find the movie you want, then click on Movie Facts, and change the title.

You will have to wait a while for it to be updated.

You have to remember that themoviedb is made by its users - me and you. You can add any movie you want and edit other peoples work. Each one of those films was probably put there by different people, if you want to organise them in a better way than you can. The results will show immediately on the website but the hub uses the API cache which takes some time to update.

That’s very cool. I actually don’t know much about  Excuse my ignorance.

I’m going to look into that site a little more.  From the sound of it, the quality of the site will come from any average joe. I like that.  I’ll definatly contribute to that.

As a side “Nice to have” idea - An info editor for the movies right on the WDTV Hub.  Not to update to themoviedb but just for your local box.  That would be great for things like, rare movies, home movies, etc…

Well, there’s no info editor on the HUB, but you can use Thumbgen to create your own xml and some pretty cool coverart.  You just have to change it to create xmls instead of nfo’s in the options and then after it creates the xml you have to change it from “plot” to “overview”.

You’re totally right about Thumbgen.  I just meant that it would be a nice firmware enchantment for the WD to add an info editor page.  This could be easily accomplished through XML within the device itself.