Inconsist ent access

I do like my WDMyCloud, when I can access it, but my old brain is frequently baffled by its tendency of playing hard to get. I have two PCs connected directly to my router via Ethernet. In one of them a click of the mouse lets me into my files, but in the other I am always told I have no permission to get into my Cloud. When I use the signing-in  app on my tablet away from home I am always told that my username or password are invalid, though this is not the case  as WDQuickView authenticates. The latest surprise is when my recently purchased WD TV Media Player tells me that it cannot find my WDMyCloud though it puts up an icon for it and reports a 100%  WiFi signal strength. I can excuse the fact that it does not register the existence of my other cloud (a GoFlex Home which never shuts me out) but I can’t avoid a feeling of indignation that it won’t let me access a sister product (an indignation norished by the fact that I bought this media player before I realised that Netflix had been removed from it!)


Take a look a this guide created by another user. It is the perfect way to troubleshoot remote connectivity issues.