Incomplete Backups

I am using SmartWare v2.1.0 with a new 1 TB My Passport.  The backup seems to work (“Backup accomplished Successfully”), but only 41,785 of 44,883 files are reported as backed up (128.08 MB of 135.39 MB).  Also, an earlier version of the software provided a list on the right side of the user interface with the files that were not backed up.  That is missing in the current version, so it’s not clear what might be common among the 3000+ files not backed up.  Any ideas?


Please make sure that those files are not protected and that they are supported by the software.

Also note that the WD Smartware wont backup system files.

Check the link below for the list of supported files by the WD Smartware

How can I determine which files were not backed up? An earlier version of WD Smartware included a link on the right side of the user interface that showed a list of the files that were not backed up. I don’t have that in version 2.0.1.

I have also notices that the software is not backing up all of my Music Files (9,925 out of 12,756).  None of the files are protected and all are supported file types.  I was also wondering if there was a log file or diagnostic tool for backups.

Hello JohnLB,

What’s the version of the software that you have 2.1 or 2.0.1 mentioned on your last post? if is 2.0.1, make sure to uninstall the software from your computer and download the latest version from the link below.

I am running 2.1

To correct my error, I have version 2.1.0 of WD SmartWare.  The avoided question: how can I determine which files are NOT backed up?  The earlier software version had a link to a list of files.  This version does not, a major setback!  It is almost impossible to troubleshoot without this.  And, it seems like this is a common issue and not just a problem on my PC.  WD, can you address this for the community?

I just put 2.1 on two machines, and they both clearly show which files were not backed up. 

ON the home tab, be sure to select the drive you are backing up from the drop down, and then click on the picture of the destination drive to select it.  Then the backup tab should become available.

in the backup tab on the right side, I see a yellow yield sign with a !, IIRC, and it says “14 files not backed up” or similar, and you click on the hotlink and it lists the files.  I just did this not 70 minutes ago on a fresh install of 2.1.

That’s the way the earlier version of the software worked.  Now, I do not have the yellow yield sign icon and hyperlink on the screen.