Include MYcloud device name & IP in Windows hosts file

Since Windows dropped the Homegroup mid-2017 and possibly other changes in security policies and protocols you may want to add the IP address and the name of your MyCloud to the Windows Host file. This change should only impact your local network. Access via the Internet is handled by the WD app in use by your device.

The file is located on the windows boot drive (usually c:) \Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts. There is no extension to the file name. It can be modified with any text editor. You will need administrator access to save any changes.

Below is a sample of the hosts file. If you happen to run local WEB servers you will understand the requirements of this process. Feel free to look at the other files located in the etc folder just be careful. The # at the beginning of each line flags the entry as a remark only and does not load.

Why would you want to that?

The reasons are stated inthe first paragraph but let me add one more. The WD MyCloud device in my network uses MS Homegroup name to broadcast its presence but since the homegrouo was dropped my 32bit system has issues finding the device. Adding the device name to the host file is a standard method to define a host which the WD drive is since it includes an Apache web server for management.