Improving Wireless Speed

I had read somewhere on this forum that setting the wireless n width to 20MHz only on your router would improve the connection speed so I tried it and mine improved from 10mbps to 40mbps. This was an improvement it atleast got me to the point of being able to stream though the media library scanning was still unreasonably slow.

So after some trial and error on my router settings I think I found a better way to solve the issue. Even though I had WPA2 encryption enabled on my router (dlink) I also had the option to allow WPA connections on. By setting the router to only allow (WPA2/AES) connections I am finally now able to use the full 40MHz channel width for the wireless. This has doubled my speed now to 80mbps.

My guess is that if both WPA and WPA2 are allowed the streaming player will connect using WPA over WPA2. When it connects using WPA you are limited half the bandwidth.

This is a case of RTFM. Read the note on page 22.