Improving the Quote Process

This may sound stupid but can we adjust the quote process?  Most forums I use have a quote button directly on each user post so you can simply click quote and it creates a reply window with the quote already inserted.  The current process is to click the reply button on a user post and then click the quote button once the reply window opens up.  Took me a few days to realize this LOL.  Can we reduce this process by a single mouse click and make it like most other forums?  Also when using the mobile version on my iPhone I see a reply button but no option to quote other users, so this may improve both the full and mobile version for all users of this community. 


I agree.    I like the “Multi-quote” functions a lot of forums have…

The other issue with the quoting is that it uses

 tags in the HTML which is good for viewing the threads, but makes it really hard to edit in the RTE without messing up all the formatting.
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Can we get a staff member’s opinion on this? 

Sorry, I’ve been in the middle of things.  I’ll look into it.  I’m also in agreement with multi-quoting, but it depends on what the platform can do.