Impossible to sart with my passport wireless pro

I tried to reinitilalize the product by pressing over 10 s the buttons power abnd wps simultenaously but then the wifi led and the other led keed blinkinng!!! for over 15 minutes…
is there any solution?
how can i find where to send it back to be repaired
assistance is in the USA… so iyt seems but I am in France
If no one can help me, I will toss this product!
I use the non pro version without anny problem
thank you for aby help, suggestion

To reset, be sure your MPW unit is powered ON, not off. Press and hold the two buttons for over 10 seconds until it begins t0 reset. Wait over five minuets until it completes reset. It should come back on normally.


Thank you

I assume it begins to reset when the the wi fi led flashes is this correct?or when the 2 leds flash?

I assume it is on when the led under wifi is on

After reset 5 minutes or more later all the leds (6 of them) flash WiFi power ssd …

So I still do not understand

When I connect MPW to my PC it is not recognised


Le sam. 15 sept. 2018 à 18:54, mike27oct a écrit :

For more information, refer to the complete user manual for your device for the reset/restore operation.

Well I did as suggested no result

There is no SD card: could it be the problem



Le dim. 16 sept. 2018 à 18:36, mike27oct a écrit :

No SD card needed.
Suggest you contact WD support via phone after weekend.