Impossible to boot from a WD My Book 3 To (USB2 & USB 3)


I’m on a MBPr & 10.8.4

I would like to boot from a Western Digital My Book 3 To (USB2 & USB 3), on a dedicated partition (HFS+/GUID) but i can’t.

I tried wisth antoher drive, a smaller one, withe one partion, it’s OK.

Does anyone knowes how to fix it ?



Edit #1:

I found a place where some the problem is discussed :

But i don’t know how what drive i have, it’s WD My Book 1130 Media

I would advise you to find out what drive model you have. You can do this with the serial number. I will post a link below that shows you how to get a serial number from a drive.

After you have the serial number, you can go to the link below for the warranty check. That page will give you the drive’s model number which you can enter on the support page and it will show you which drive you have. You will be able to verify if your drive is bootable.

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Looks like you have a My Book Essential drive but make sure to check the serial number with the steps provided by jpeng29.

Hi jpeng29,

Thank you for your message.

I called the support, they say that the drive is not bootable yet, the don’tt know if/when and they suggested me to switch for the My Book Solution, but this one is not bootable …

I’m a bit disapointted by WD, it support. Indeed, how can WD sell product without allow them to boot ???


Hi John012,

I’ll be enjoy clicking on the kudo star as soon as you give me the solution.


Unfortunately, not all drives support the boot from USB feature.

Please follow the advise provided from our support department.