Important youtube enhancements

I have had my WD TV box for a couple of months now. Normally I wouldn’t use it for youtube unless I have to show something to the whole family.

Now there are some features that I REALLY miss.

  1. Some sort of bookmarking. It is really annoying to type on the onscreen keyboard. So a bookmarking system would be REALLY nice.

  2. The ability to add to playlists when logged in, though this is not as important as the 3. feature.

  3. The most important one is when I thought I could have people over for a party and I would have my WD TV play a playlist while we ate, well… Heres the kicker … it does not automatically go to the next track … then what is the point with a playlist? So 3. would be a auto-play feature. Which is actually the one I miss the most.

Hope this will come in the future so I can start using the youtube feature some more.



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