Important Notice Regarding Single USB Drives Greater than 2 TB's and WD TV Products

dosborne wrote:

I really can’t understand how many of you expect hardware vendors to support technology that is brand new or yet to be released. 3TB drives are new and significantly different in design yet you are b!tching that WDTV doesn’t support them.


You are lucky (IMO) that the latest FW does address this issue. In the past the resolution from a vendor has been a new product which means you have to buy another unit. You should be thanking WD for not taking your money or charging you for a FW update.

You are so right dosborne! When someone buys a device, they should buy it for what it can do now (at the time they buy it). Anything that comes after that is a bonus. Since I bought my Live Plus, WD has added many new features that were not there when I bought it. I consider that to be icing on the cake, so to speak. Yes, some problems also got introduced, but the WD engineers have fixed the serious ones (like the VOB stuttering issue), and they are continuing to support the product with additional firmware releases. That is a lot better than how most vendors treat their customers!


Great news,  (Fix is in latest update for WDTV Live)

Does that mean that it should also be in the next update for the WDTV Live Plus ???


“Should be”, yes, for both the Live Plus and the Live Hub.

“Will be”?  Well, we’ll have to wait and see. :wink:

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Thanks for the quick reply.   ( I’ll think positive about it  WD seems to come through more than many companies)

Looking over previous releases that means the WDTV live Plus update should be here within the next 5 to 10 days.

I better hurry setting up my MY Book 3TB.   It’s almost ready, but it’s a lot of files.


You’re welcome. :smiley:

Bill did confirm that the fix is coming soon for the Live Hub (which is welcome news).  I couldn’t possibly fathom a situation where a Live Plus version wouldn’t also get released… but since I don’t work for WD, I’m not really in a place to make guarantees of what the next firmware will fix, or when it will appear.

I didn’t mean to sound so dire… it’s just not my place to say “absolutely!” even if that seems to be the true answer. :wink:

Got the update the fix is in it.  I haven’t had a chance to install the 3tb yet,  (not quite done setting it up)  but everything else seems to be working fine after the update was installed.


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jlrippeth  -  Can you post a link to where you got the update, my 3tb is all set up and ready to try it out!

JCinAZ wrote:

jlrippeth  -  Can you post a link to where you got the update, my 3tb is all set up and ready to try it out!


Just make sure you get the right version. :wink:

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I loaded it from the internet direct on the WDTV Plus. just went into setup and requested a check for updates. WDTV did the rest.   This way the device selects thr right upgrade.

Both of those sites have the 3TB upgrade. One is for the WDTV Live the other for the WDTV Live Plus

The easiest way to find out is to check the current version of your firmware in setup

If it ends in a V it’s the WDTV Live    If it ends in a B  it’s the WDTV Live Plus.

I did the update and checked ou the functions that I generally use it worked great . then I installed my MY Book 3TB (NTFS file System) with approximately 2.25TB  the deepest level is 4 directories deep.    Everything works great.  

The first scan took a bit long (about 8 mins) ,  but went back to normal on the next boot.

Thank you WD techs.


RoofingGuy - Thanks for the link.

Updated the WDTV live, loaded a few things onto my 3tb to test, and seems to be working. Now just need to load the rest of my media on and hopefully it will continue to work :smiley:

Thanks WD for working on this for all of us and coming out with the fix quicker than I anticipated!!! (thought we were gonna have to wait forever!!)


Great to hear its finally supported.

Thanks WD

Thanks WD for 3tb FIX!

Just take those 3t drives and connect them to a PC on your network.

I have a 16t and an 8t array connected to mine. I use 2t drives 12 of them tied together.You really need to not use a single drive connected to the WD. Unless you have all the data backed up somewhere else. I use a raid 6+2 setup with 24 Drives in my server.

If you loose your 3t drive and you will. I guarentee that drive will die on you at some point and you WILL loose all your data unless you have a mirror’d backup of it.

While the big drives are cool they are a reciepe for disaster.

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