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I agree with cpt_paranoia and zkost. The worst strategy I´ve seen in the recent years. The online platform was far away from it´s competitors, as Synology for example and, after the bad decisions of split the portal on Mycloud Home and Mycloud, I see the difference even worst. I´m using Mycloud since 2 years ago. It needed a deep update but not in this way for sure. I even recomend the product to some friends who bought it, and now I even feel upset for this.

I can not take my Mycloud back to the store, but I would like.


Lance, I am a VERY angry new customer for MyCloud Home. My device’s serial number is EXTREMELY small, I could only read it AFTER I bought a jeweler’s loupe. Do you know how RUDE it is for your company to make such text so small, and then obstruct access to your services due to a customer’s inability to READ the device’s serial number.
To add injury to more injury, when I finally managed to read the serial number, the WD side wouldn’t accept it as a valid serial number.
I have always said that it’s a very bad sign when a company’s representatives rely on the fact that its customers are too far away to get their hands around your necks.

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buenas. no puedo registrarme como usuario my cloud. el unico registro que veo es para my cloud home

I can not register as a user my cloud. the only record I see is my cloud home

If you have a My Cloud device you can set up using the following methods


Using the Dashboard

Does this mean my device should no longer be using devicexxxxxxx. wd2go .com and devicexxxxxxx. local-wd2go .com URLS? Or this means only that the browser based public cloud homepage has changed and it’s normal/okay for our device to use

We have lost cloud access using the Windows desktop software. Visiting by internal IP https://192.168.x.x in Firefox showing cert belongs to those 2 wd2go style URLs. If it’s outdated how do we refresh to get a new URL?

This has to be one of the biggest loads of rubbish on the market, can you believe there is no ‘forot username’ link? I wish I had never bought it - until WD get their act together - online chat would be one obvious way - DO NOT BUY!!!

Well, that goes nowhere. I get the “no results found” alert. Thanks

Thanks for letting us know. We’ll look into what’s wrong with the article and hopefully have it fixed tomorrow. Sorry for the inconvenience!

He-he… I use custom firmware (Ubuntu) on my device and dont have any problems :stuck_out_tongue:
(SyncThing + FTP + Samba + GoogleDrive + WebAccess and many other things. All works as expected)

Hi @jshaw42

Thanks again for reporting this. It looks like the link @WD_MCH posted was malformed. I modified his post above and fixed it so it went to the correct article. I’m also posting it below:

Hey Scott,
Yes, you are great thanks for all the follow up.

My WD My Cloud external drive’s indicator is white. I have about half a terabyte of data, and I don’t want to lose all of it. I have understood that you staff has made changes to its firmware. I am unsure if it is modem dependent. If it depends on a modem and not on a router, then it has to be connected to a modem.

il dispositivo MyBookLive non è più accessibile (offline). Provato con tutti i browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Explorer, Safari, Opera). Perchè???

Good evening,

I have always the same problem:

Time Machine ha eseguito una verifica dei backup su “NAS.local”. Per migliorare l’affidabilità, Time Machine deve creare un nuovo backup.

How can I find a solution?

Thanks, Massimiliano.

I have recently bought a laptop and have tried to access my files using the however only 30 or so folders are shown when there are many more. This 30 or so also applies to the number of files being displayed.
My mobile Android app shows all files ok -

What is the issue here with not being able to access the whole folder structure when using the web browser.
If this cant be fixed its a real big issue for me…

Its a well complained about issue. Many past discussions about the browser not showing more than 30 folders within a share when using the My Cloud web portal. Workarounds include changing the browser zoom level to 80%, to using a different web browser.

One workaround:

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Thanks for reply.

I note you mention possibility of using a different browser - Can you advise which browser does show all folders.

Is there a desktop app that works and is supported by WD that I can download and use.

Basically try any of the popular browsers (Firefox, Edge, Safari, etc.) other than Chrome which most seem to be using who have this issue when using the web portal.

Right now there is no official computer desktop application from WD that can be used to access a My Cloud remotely. WD discontinued the old WD My Cloud Desktop app a year or two ago through firmware updates to the My Cloud.

There are other methods of accessing a remote My Cloud, from using insecure FTP (enable FTP access via the My Cloud Dashboard > Settings) to using the third party GoodSync app, to using a VPN Server on one’s local network. Going the VPN client/server route will require additional setup, configuration and above all additional user knowledge, to implement. Some consumer routers include a VPN server within the router’s firmware.


I have the PR4100 at 40TB and it continues to drop my larger files when dragging them from desktop location. The internet companies came out and replaced my whole cable but your product continues to fail at accepting file transfers. The website/app does not help much since it erases all the meta-data for files and also limits you to 5GB transfers… which is not helpful for cinematographer 501c3 nonprofit arts and humanities charity organizations like myself. In addition, it is VERY difficult for people to open and share my files and they have considered your product to be the bane of their existence, as have I. What solutions are possible other than answering about 3 hours worth of technical support for no solution? Can we please have a factory recall or seriously issue immediate repair to the system so that very large files do not drop and entire Western Digital 5-8TB hard drives can be backed up without having to do file by file? I am very disgruntled since the day I purchased this device. Please assist or we will have to rise up in solidarity.

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