Implementing more HDD into the EX4

Today Im using my EX4 with one WD Red 4TB drive and are running jbod. Soon Im looking to get another disk.

How can I implement the new disk? Just push it in and it will use jbod and the size will just add up?

If I buy buy more disk and want to change frpn jbod to Raid 5 do I need to secure the data on the disk?


You don’t need to turn the EX4 off in order to add new hard drives. You can just push them in while is on.

Any what about changing from jbod to raid5?

I would assume that you would need to reformat the current drives. I have not herd anything on the other forum post where you could run multiple drive styles at the same time(Raid 1 +Raid 5). Those you could easily just remove the current drive and place the new blank one into the system and then format it to the desired style and insert the other drive with the different style format. 

Im using jbod today and have one disk. I want to add three more and un raid 5 instead. Do I need to format the first disk so it fits the raid 5 or can I keep the data on the disk and its converted to raid 5?