iMediaShare - pull but no push

I have installed iMediaShare on my Android tablet.

When I try to ‘‘push’’ video from IMS to the SMP, the audio is heard, but no video is displayed - the TV screen remains at the Dashboard.

But, when I select Media Servers, I can select IMS and its channels show on the SMP screen. I can select and play an episode (from Animal Planet, for example), and it will start playing - both audio and video. So the SMP will ‘‘pull’’ content from the IMS server, but if I try to ‘‘push’’ from the server, the video is not displayed.

Is there something like a ‘‘Now Playing’’ option on the SMP that will display a stream that is being ‘‘pushed’’ to it?

No option in the SMP. You may test the iMediaShare app with other players and/or browse its support forums.

I’m having exactly the same problem. Does anyone know of a solution?