IMDB rating/Metasource

Hi ppl

New on the forum here.

I’ve just upgrated my old WD TV gen.1 to a WD TV LIVE (SMP)

I’m streaming my movie content from a NAS and an USB drive next to the player.

What I would love the WDTV LIVE to was to show IMDb ratings. I have tried Thumbgen but can’t get it to work.

Thumbgen has created the files in the movie folder such as metathumb and xml, but doesn’t show up on the WD TV LIVE. 

I only have the meta data and backdrop jpegs from the witch works great but doesn’t have the IMDb rating.

Any way I can get the option of choosing another source (IMDb) from the meta source manager?

Any help is appreciated. 


Hi Nick136, welcome to the WD Community. See if the following links help.