Imcomplete Firmware Update

Thanks to the new firmware, I’m stuck in an endless loop. First part has updated fine, but as soon as I try to access Netflix or Iplayer, the system shuts down, restarts, then tries to update (2/2) of the firmware.

This fails because, obviously, it’s lost it’s wifi connection so it gives me an ‘incomplete firmware update’ and tells me to try updating by USB. So then I reset the interenet connection, which always works, and try to access something and then the whole process begins again - shut down followed by a failure to update (2/2).

So, I’ve put the new firmware onto a USB stick and nothing happens. There is nothing else on the USB stick apart from the seperate update files. It simply tries to get the files from the internet, fails to do so, and I’m back in the loop.

I’ve been trying for the last two hours with no luck. Turning it on and off at different points.

Anyone know how to solve this? It really might be my last straw with it.

Of course, as soon as I post this, I fix it by trying the wired solution fix, which worked. So if anyone else has problems, try using a wired connection as it seems it’s not possible for it to remember complicated things like wifi settings.

I’ve given it a firm talking to, and told it that it’s in severe danger of being replaced by an Amazon Fire box in the near future but we’ll see how this firmware works out.