ImageMagick to convert pictures

Hi all,

just a short question from my side:

On my NAS I have two folders for images



In the first folder I put all my images JPEG and RAW images with the original size.

Then I have a script running on my PC that makes a copy of all the images from the first folder to the second folder (Every folder has subfolder …\Year\Month\Topic ).

RAW images are converted to JPG and all the pictures are downsized to ~1000pix max size.

That is a bit time consuming and inconvenient.

My idea is to use ImageMagick (or something similar) on the My Book Live and install a cron job to do the conversion of new images every night. But of course I don’t want to damage my system.

Did anyone installed ImageMagick on his My Book Live (Duo)?

Did anyone tried something similar or is the computing power of the My Book Live to small?

Don’t really know if it’s possible to install ImageMagick, maybe through SSH.