Image quality (jpg) and perhaps missing equalizer

I’m rather disappointed with the image (JPG) quality of the Wd Live Hub. Images are about 4-6 mpixels, 4608x2592. When I connect my Sony DSC-HX9V digicam (it has a mini-HDMI) to my receiver, images looks really great and sharp from my TV (46’ Full HD Samsung), lots of details, but when I view those same images from my Live Hub (internal HD), much of the image information in gone. It almost seems like Hub is doing some sort of compression to the images. Switching between images could be bit faster too. Am I hoping too much from my WD?

Firmware is 3.07.14

Anyone else hoping Live Hub music player to have some sort of equalizer? One would think, that it would not be too difficult to make one and include it to the future firmware releases for the people who need to bit boost up the dynamics.


some other people have complained about this before ( photo issue )

about the equalizer you can go to the ideas forum and suggest that

Why would it need an equalizer? Most people output the audio to a surround sound system that typically has its own EQ or tonal adjustments. In that case it should come out of the Hub flat in order to make adjustment easy. Even if you output audio directly to your display device, most of those have their own tonal adjustments, as well. Any EQ should be done on the audio output device, not on the Live Hub.

^ What he said!

BUT…we have Hub volume control in the Android Remote app…I would like it on the physical remote too! Maybe program two of the number buttons or something on the remote…you know, like you can program the zero button to screenshot. Why not “1” vol up “2” vol down? Comes in handy as not ALL videos and mp3s are at the same levels.