Image on TV is larger than the physical dimensions of the TC set

I can reduce the size of the WD menu by invoking Appearances in Settings, but it only changes the size of the menu image. The TV image remains the same size (about 105% the size of the TV Screen). except a thin-lined rectabgular border “encircles” the image. How do I proportionally cut down the size of the broadcasted images so the whole image fits within the TV screen?

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What version of FW are you using?

On mine, the setting for Screen Size Calibration also affects video playback, not just the menus.

In my TV for proportionally cut down the size need:

TV settings > Functions > HDMI Scan Info > Underscan.

But it will reduce all the images on the screen.

I am using the very latest FW made available last Thursday.

My video playback is fine; the live TV broadcast os oversized.

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Live TV broadcast? Are you using Skitter, Hauppauuge, sling?


What’s that?

Tony_Caliente wrote:


Are you talking about an Emerson SB350 TV?   

If so, the WD has absolutely nothing to do with how it’s going to display Live TV broadcasts – that’s your TV’s concern.

I am sorry a Slingbox (an SB350 model). TV’s are Visios.

Apparently you can disable “Overscan” Vizio TV’s to display the full Picture.

Also setting Anamorphic(16:9) on your Slingbox