Image files are read only

I have a 1TB My Book drive that I use for storage. I am a professional photographer and the drive contains thousands of image files but for some reason my image files are now read only and I need to change them back to how they were. I have tried reseting the permissions but the image files remain read only, every other type of file is ok. I can change the permissions on an individual file but not on a folder, but there are just way too many files to do them one at a time. Any ideas???

You don’t mention the OS. Try searching for Take Ownership and try that. Vista and Windows 7 can be a pain.


Yeah, sorry Windows 7. I have tried changing the ownership but it does nothing at folder level, it only works on individual files and there are thousands of them so one at a time isn’t an option. Also I am logged in as administrator.

I can’t think of much else mayvb a Windows 7 forum could help there are some good people here or maybe  this will help