iMac w/ 10.7.5 and MyBook 2TB

Sorry to ask a question that has probably already been answered, but cannot find the answer.

I have an older iMac running OS10.7.5 with a 2TB MyBook attached and WD Drive Manager 2.2.6. Is this the latest for this iMac? 

I’m about to buy new iMac and want to update software before attaching MyBook to the new machine in hopes of avoiding any data loss. I figure the software will transfer to new machine. 

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The WD drive manager latest version can be downloaded from the link below:

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Thank you HDKnows. Downloaded and dutifully installed, then restarted. All seems to be well and no data loss that I can see.

One small question, the pulldown still says WD Drive Manager v2.3.1 even after installation and a couple restarts. This after downloading and installing WD Drive Manager Installer 3.1.0. You think that’s any reason for concern?

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