IMAC/PC access

I have two different devices 1 IMAC and 1 PC. Is it possible to connect both to a My Cloud mirror? And use files at the same time? How do I have to proceed? Thks

Hello Mcanovas,

  • How do you want to connect the PC and iMac to the WD My Cloud Mirror - Locally or Remotely?
  • Do you want to backup the data of the both computers through automatic backup to see the backed up data at the same time?


First at all, many thanks for your answer.

I actually have a home net where both, IMAC and PC are connected. Till now I was able to edit, manage and archive files between both via Dropbox, and I want to change now to have my
own Cloud.

What I want is to connect WD My Cloud to my local net via RJ45, and make it available to both devices, what I think there will be not any problem. But I am not so sure about the files,
if they will be backed up, once you have archived, as Pc/Fat32 Windows System or MACOS System and if they will be compatible to both system: to edit, manage and archive.

I hope I have explained myself well enough.

Many thanks,


Of course I am talking about MAC OS & MS DOS Systems compatibility…


Mario Cánovas