iMac "late 2009 "Hard Drive Temperature Sensor

Could someone tell me what 2 of the 8 connector pins of WD internal drive, are connected to the Hard Drive Temperature Sensor  cable.

I guess it could be:


o G o o
o B o o



G is grey

and B is black (irrelevant).

Thanks in advance.

Let’s put it more precise:

My question was concerning a 2 To SATA II 3,5" Western Digital Caviar AV-GP 5400r/mn 64 Mo

Model WD20EURS and its jumper block connector.

Not sure about this one dude

did you try contacting support? 

I’m guessing that Black is Ground, in which case a continuity test with a multimeter should identify the jumper block’s gound pins. But I guess you have already done that.

As for the signal pin, I would think that it should be perfectly safe to experiment since the iMac’s temperature sensor would be configured as an input rather than an output. This means that if you got it wrong, all that would happen would be that you would be connecting the iMac sensor’s input to the drive’s own inputs.

Thx fzabkar.

The Black/Grey sense does not matter.

I am going to expériment the sensor plug position.

If the iMac fan makes a jumbo jet noise then I will say: OOPS !! :wink:

Feed back comming soon.

Impossible to find a tech support link here … :flushed:

Any URL or mail address, please ?

Thx in advance.

Is your drive an Apple OEM model with customised firmware? If not, then it won’t have a temperature sensor pin at the jumper block. WD’s retail drives use the jumper pins for other purposes.

Thx fzabkar.

I dunno…

I bought this HD from a specialized in Apple parts replacement elements retailer.

The HD was not mac formatted.

Other users bought a Seagate HD from the same retailer and replugged the Temp sensor as it was before the replacement. It worked like a charm…

Who knows ?