IMac compatible with 4tb Black ssd

i have a mid 2015 27” iMac with a 1TB HDD and expert help to install a new HDD. I was considering the purchase of a wd4005fzbx, there appears to be two versions for sale on Amazon?, one has the additional code 00k5wb0 the other may just have retail packing as I can’t seen any additional product code. Apple support said it any SATA drive is good to go, but check first. Is there a list of drives which will fit my iMac or how do I go about establishing compatibility.

wd4005fzbx is the model number. The additional code is a batch number, which only matters if there is a recall. Your machine might have a BIOS limit on how large a drive it will recognize, but otherwise any SATA drive should work.

Thanks for the reply Spike. Appreciated.