Imac Compatibility issues . WD500AAKX

Hey all .

Today i purchased a Western Digital - WD5000AAKX Caviar blue , to fit into my Apple Imac (20" / 2.4 /  320 GB /  Sd/Ap/Bt  )

 model number : A1224  .

The original Hard drive in the system is a Western Digital - WD3200AAJS - 4ORYA0 ( 320 gb)  

The main problem is when i install the new hard drive , the mac installation discs are not seeing any hard drive there what so ever , it just remains blank (no hard drive detected) . 

I put the old hard drive back in and have no problems what so ever , so now leaves me to ask … if the hard drive is unformatted , shouldn’t the Imac still be able to pick it up?  , then giving me the option to format the Drive to mac (journaled) through the startup disc? 

And is this hard drive compatible with mac ? i cant seem to find out!

Any input would be greatly appreciated !! 

Same issue occured to me once I updated the capacity, seems to be the same here, What I did was get in contact with Apple and they first told me what drive was compatible with the computer, then they provided me updates that made the Imac support the capacity upgrade. I recommend you to do the same and visit apple support web site or call apple phone support.

Apple is certainly best place to ask. As to my knowledge KX is a 6GB link drive, you old iMac has just 3GB SATA controler (see SATA profile) hence you are asking for problems. The reverse would work, i.e. 3GB drive on a 6GB link controler. Best stay with JS or KS series (see: ) Size 500GB should not be an issue here at all. Mark